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Katarina Holla – Viktoria Nagyova

doi: 10.18355/PG.2020.9.1.1

This study addresses nomophobia as a growing fear in today’s world – the fear of being out of cellphone contact. Our goal was to detect and map nomophobia among the adolescents. The research sample consisted of 404 adolescents aged 15 – 20. In terms of research methods, we used Yildrima and Correia’s (2015) Nomophobia Questionnaire (NMP-Q).
The questionnaire dimensionality includes four inter-correlated factors. Nomophobia has been identified in the following cases – when the adolescents could not perform an immediate communication and once they lost the access to information. This phobia was further detected at several levels as moderate (49% of adolescents), mild (38% of adolescents) and severe (12% of adolescents). Our findings are deemed to be important and necessary in providing support for the reasonable cellphone use at schools and related institutions.

Key words
nomophobia, adolescents, Nomophobia Questionnaire, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)

Pages: 2 - 11

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